First they benefited from the medical examination, and will soon receive bicycles

We already know the 26 lucky people who, receive bicycles. They received this opportunity  because they took part in the preventive medical examination during our project.
On February 7 2017 at 11 pm. at the headquarters of the Piotrków Trybunalski District Office at Dabrowski 7 Str, under the rules of the contest conducted lottery prizes bicycles for 26 people, which until 31/12/2016 took part in the research of prevention within the framework of the project ‘Your Heart Your Life’.
Below this news is documentation from the course of the draw.
We also inform that it is possible to see the film of the draw in the Project Office – the Piotrków Trybunalski District Office, Dabrowski 7 Str, room 101.
Each of the applicants who are selected on the selection and timing of receipt of the award will be notified by telephone and through the mail in case of lack of telephone.

The protocol from draw for the bike 07/02/2017

The attachment to the protocol from draw for the bike 07/02/2017

Record Drawings From Individual Municipalities