What most hurt the heart? …

In the project “Your Heart Your Life” organizers taken care of the throne of the whole system, promote healthy lifestyles, namely partners, without which implementation of the project will not be possible. Free training on risk factors for cardiovascular disease were offered to partners of the project to support their competence, skills, and provide the necessary knowledge in the field of prevention and promotion of health.

The training will be attended by 50 representatives of the Farmers Wives Assosiates, 26 people representing sports clubs, schools, communes libraries, which declared cooperation in the project, 33 employees of social welfare centers and 32 representatives of the medical staff (doctors and nurses), who every day takes care of our health in primary care clinics working in the Piotrków Trybunalski district.

During the training, participants will learn not only about what most harms the heart, but also how to properly measure blood pressure. Acquired knowledge will be able to share with their wards and to promote healthy lifestyles among local communities, using equipment transferred in the form of blood pressure and blood glucose meters.

On training taken by prof. Wojciech Drygas, head of the Department of Epidemiology, Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Health Promotion at the Institute of Cardiology named by Primate of the Millennium Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Medical University of Lodz, as well as the WHO expert in the field of public health and preventive medicine doctors from clinics located in Piotrków Trybunalski county will hear about the latest scientific developments and the progress of medicine in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and on the facts and myths concerning diet and physical activity used in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Training is a key task of the project “Your Heart Your Life”, which is a comprehensive project aimed at preventing or reducing the incidence of diseases related to lifestyle. Their implementation is to be a channel of transfer of expertise to be used in operating the clinic including PHC in conducting prevention programs in public and private health system.

In total, over 200 people will be attended in trainings organized during the project.

CVD Risk Factors – Training Materials For Nurses

CVD Risk Factors – Training Materials For FWA

CVD Risk Factors – Training Materials For SC

CVD Risk Factors – Training Materials For Employees of SWC

Photo galery:

Training about the cardiovascular risk factors 02/12/2016 – A group of nurses

Training about the cardiovascular risk factors 02/18/2016 – A group of SWC