Preventive testing program

zaslepkaPreventive care, including free preventive tests in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and specialized medical consultations (cardiology), will cover the population of people aged 25-55, enjoying the benefits of social assistance and meets a condition resulting from the criterion of profitability.

This group will be covered by the research survey in the risk factors and health behaviors, including pressure measurements and blood glucose levels, which will allow the identification of individuals with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Surveys and prevention in the field of risk assessment of cardiovascular disease will proceed in two stages: the beginning of the project and at the end
and will include:

1) Survey – directly related to the screening and relating to healthy behaviors, including blood pressure measurement.

2) Research in cardiovascular disease:

Consultation nursing (those who filled out the survey);
The package of basic research for people who took the nursing consultation.
The package of basic research will include: execution of blood chemistry (including blood levels of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar), blood pressure measurement, determination of BMI and conduct physical examination (Note: it is possible to extend these studies, if in the course of cooperation with the competent institution of Cardiology, will be recommendation).

Medical consultation for people who have made a package of basic research.
Cardiac consultation – for the basic research
Package depth diagnostic tests – for the cardiological consultation. Package include, among others, cardiac ultrasound, radioisotope studies, debit diagnostic exercise, electrophysiological studies and others.

3) Research in cardiovascular disease:

A series of studies – a procedure identical to point 2
At the end of the survey and prevention, based on the results obtained, a final report will be drawn up assessing changes in awareness about health behaviors and risk factors of cardiovascular disease in patients participating in the study.