The Academy of Movement

Akademia RuchuIt is a form of organized, carried out under the supervision of consultant-trainer (trainer) exercise classes for men and women who find themselves in the target group of the Programme, ie. taking part in the survey. At the same time, taking into account the effects of environmental, in these classes also be able to participate people who do not belong to the target group, but want to participate in such activities.
Specific forms for these classes will be derived from local expectations of participants (including aerobics, nord walking, relaxing exercises – stretching, team games, etc.).
The subject of the meeting with the coach will be specific physical activities (sports and recreation), but organized according to the rules in this regard.
Envisaged number of branches Academy of Movement – 26 in the county scale. Place activities the Academy of Movement – gymnasiums in schools located in the municipalities or sports clubs, provided for the implementation of the tasks of the Project within the framework of cooperation between stakeholders.

The schedule of activities in The Academy Movement in communes Aleksandrów, Gorzkowice, Łęki Szlacheckie, Ręczno, Sulejów, Wolbórz

The schedule of activities in The Academy Movement in communes Czarnocin, Grabica, Moszczenica, Rozprza, Wola Krzysztoporska

List of Sports Clubs and Schools declared to cooperate in the project

Academies Of Movement – The Competition Announcement

Competition Rules For AHN And AM

The protocol from draw for the bike AM with a list of winners