Awards among the most active participants of the project “Your Heart Your Life” were already distributed

100 participants of the Academy of Healthy Nutrition (AHN) and 26 of the Academy of Movement (AM) received awards for participation in activities and workshops conducted within the Academies.

It is worth to know that during the meetings of the Academy of Healthy Nutrition, which lasted until the end of November, the instructors (nutritionists) were responsible for teaching of healthy cooking. The classes were very popular, especially among members of the Farmer’s Wives’ Association. It was attended by a total of 925 participants in 50 Academies in the Piotrków Trybunalski district. Till 10 February 2017 members of Academy of Movement, so the group of more than 530 people form the district, can enjoy aerobics classes, Nordic walking, relaxing exercises – stretching exercises and team games. For the purposes of the project established 26 Academies of Movement – located in school gyms or health clubs.

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