Medical Point in Wolbórz

On Sunday, 28.08.2016 at the Parish. St. Nicholas Bishop in Wolbórz Point Medical was organized as part of the prevention of cardiovascular disease program ‘Your Heart Your Life’.

Everyone who decided to take part in examinations could take advantage of free measurement of blood pressure, saturation of oxygen in the bloodstream, cholesterol and blood glucose measurement and consult their health with  doctor.

Form the study benefited 108 people, 105 of whom due to abnormal results consulted the results with specialist cardiologist.

Medical advice mainly related to health education, eg. in terms of changing eating habits, and in some cases people besides recommendations for lifestyle changes received indications for further treatment.

Many people were surprised by their results which ware not always correct.

We should remember that the most dangerous are those diseases that develop long without giving visible symptoms, and when they reveal are usually difficult to treat and involve a lot of complications.

The next Medical Points will be organized in parishes in Wola Krzysztoporska – 11.09.2016  and Dąbrówka – 25.09.2016.

Cordially welcome!

We inform that participation in all activities organized within the project ” Your Heart Your Life” is free thanks to funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 and the state budget under the Programme PL13 Reducing Social Inequalities in Health.

All the information about the project can be obtained in its implementation in the municipality as well as the Project Office at the headquarters of the Piotrkow Trybunalski District Office, Dabrowski 7 St. and on the website

Preventive examination and Medical Point in Wolbórz

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