The series of 24 workshops HOW TO COOK HEALTHY has been already completed

Workshops on healthy cooking techniques were a continuation of previously conducted training for 50 of the Farmer’s Wives’ Association, which actively joined to assist in the organization of the Academy of Healthy Nutrition in the framework of the project ‘Your Heart, Your Life’.

In addition, the other Farmer’s Wives’ Association were also invited  and in a total of 69 FWA attended in the workshops. In 24 classes, which were held periodically in each municipality, each attended by 16 – 30 housewives. A total of 390 women completed the workshop. Damian Marchlewicz – the winner of Hell’s Kitchen was the Chef of healthy culinary arts program. Training is divided into modules, based primarily on practical preparation, among others, dishes such as carpaccio of duck breast with roasted beets, walnuts, goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil or salad Roman with chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumber, anchovies and homemade mayonnaise with parmesan cheese. On the basis of such a variety of dishes ladies learned about the quantitative and qualitative compositions of individual products that are healthy and prevent cardiovascular disease.

At the end of the course tasting of dishes took place, during which each participant can have a taste of prepared meals and assess them.

Warm thanks to all of Housewives, which helped in the organization of workshops, providing organizers premises.

Below are the recipes of the dishes, along with educational materials.

Culinary Workshops How To Cook Healthy

Recipes and Materials For Culinary Workshop Participants

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