Project Team is already working

On 02.10.2015 r. at the headquarters of the district office in Piotrkow Trybunalski held the first meeting of the Project Team appointed by the Prefect of the District Piotrków to the implementation and realization of the project “Your Heart Your Life.” The program to Reduce Inequalities in Health Residents of the District of Piotrków at risk for cardiovascular disease.

spotkanie zespołu_2015.10.02 (2)The meeting was attended by Mr. Peter Wojtysiak Piotrków County deputy, Mr. Janusz Tamilla – Director PZOZ in Piotrkow and team members: Danuta Ratajska – project manager, Ms. Anetta Wróbel – Nowakowska – Head of the County Development – specialist. Promotion and information project, Mrs. Anna Pązik – Specialist. Controlling and accounts, Mrs. Dorota Adamek -gminny Coordinator, Mr. Paul Opala – Head of Investment and Property – specialist. public procurement in the project and Mr. Philip Muskała – General Counsel.
During the meeting, Mr. deputy county said that prevention and health promotion is one of three key strategic objectives that have been adopted by the Board of the District in Piotrkow Mode., As a priority for this term. He also stressed as important partners in the Project are the District Health Team in Piotrkow Trybunalski and local municipal governments and NGOs.