“Your heart your life” project.

The “Your heart your life” program to reduce inequalities in health inhabitants of the District Piotrków at risk for cardiovascular disease is financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the state budget in the Framework Programme EN 13 Reducing Social Inequalities in Health.

As a result of the contest directed to counties and conducted by the Ministry of Health District Piotrkow obtained funds made available by the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms and the state budget in the amount of 2 549 318 polish zloty. On 14.09.2015 r. Concluded with the Ministry of Health, the Programme Operator PL13 Reducing Social Inequalities in Health, an agreement on co-financing the project.
The project is the result of prior cooperation of local governments to develop a Strategy for Solving Health Problems Residents of the District of Piotrków for 2014-2020“.